Saturday, August 3, 2013

TLC (Hands Up) (CDS) (2003)

1.Remix So So Def Radio
2.Remix So So Def Feat. Clipse
3.Remix So So Def Instrumental

TLC (Baby Baby Baby) (Remix) (CDS) (1992)

1.Remix Radio Edit
2.Remix Rap
3.Remix Instrumental

John Legend (So High) (Remix) (CDS) (2005)

1.(Remix) (Cloud 9) (Edit)
2.(Remix) (Cloud 9)
3.(Remix) (Cloud 9) (Edit) (No Rap)
4.(Remix) (Cloud 9) (Instrumental)
5.(Remix) (Cloud 9) (Call Out Hook)

Music (Just Friends) (CDS) (2000)

1. Radio Edit
2. Beat Box Acapella
3. Instrumental
4. Call Out Hook

Monday, May 20, 2013

Jaheim - Just In Case Remix [CDS] 2001

01.  Just In Case Remix Feat Nas [Main With Rap]
02.  Just In Case Remix Feat Nas [Main Without Rap]
03.  Just In Case Remix Feat Nas [Acappella With Rap]

Dr. Dre - The Next Episode [CDS] 2000

01.  The Next Episode Feat Snoop Dogg [Radio Edit]
02.  The Next Episode Feat Snoop Dogg [Album Version]
03.  The Next Episode Feat Snoop Dogg [Instrumental]
04.  The Next Episode Feat Snoop Dogg [Acappella]

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rell - Real Love [CDS] 2004

01.  Real Love [Main R&B]
02.  Real Love Feat Consequence And Kanye West [Clean Remix]
03.  Real Love [Instrumental]

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Shabba Ranks - The Jam [CDS] 1991

 01.  The Jam [Back To The Bridge Mix]
 02.  The Jam [Ram Jam Mix]
 03.  The Jam [Instrumental]
 04.  The Jam [The Original Jam Mix]
 05.  The Jam [Boo-Ya-Ca Mix]
 06.  The Jam [Boo-Ya-Ca Dub]

Glen Lewis - Don't You Forget It [CDS] 2001

01.  Don't You Forget It [Main]
02.  Don't You Forget It [Instrumental]
03.  Don't You Forget It [Tv Track]
04.  Don't You Forget It [Acappella]

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Michael Jackson - Remember The Time [CDS] 1991

01.  Remember The Time [New Jack Radio Mix]
02.  Remember The Time [Silky Soul 7"]
03.  Remember The Time [New Jack Main Mix]
04.  Remember The Time [12" Main Mix]
05.  Remember The Time [New Jack Jazz (21)]
06.  Remember The Time [Acappella]
07.  Remember The Time [Bonus Beats]

Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance [CDS] 1989

01.  The Humpy Dance [Mini Hump Radio Mix]
02.  The Humpy Dance [Bonus Hump Mix]
03.  The Humpy Dance [Humpstrumental]

Friday, April 5, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chuckii Booker - Turned Away [CDS] 1989

01.  Turned Away [Radio Version]
02.  Turned Away [Edited Version]
03.  Turned Away [Dub Version]
04.  Turned Away [Extended Version]
05.  Turned Away [Instrumental]
06.  Turned Away [Acappella]

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wu Tang Clan - Enter The 36 Chambers [Clean Album] 1993

01.  Shane On A Nuh [Clean]
02.  Clan In Duh Front [Clean]
03.  Can It Be All So Simple [Clean]
04.  Method Man [Clean]
05.  The Mystery Of Chessboxin [Clean]
06.  Wu Tang Clan Ain't [Clean]
07.  C.R.E.A.M [Clean]
08.  Protect Your Neck [Clean]
09.  Tears/ Conclusion [Clean]

Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight [CDS] 2000

01.  Dance Tonight [Album Version]
02.  Dance Tonight [Instrumental]
03.  Dance Tonight [Acappella]

Erykah Badu - Southern Gul [CDS] 1999

01. Southern Gul Feat Rahzel [Radio]
02. Southern Gul Feat Rahzel [Album Version]
03. Southern Gul Feat Rahzel [Acappella]

Isyss - Day + Night [CDS] 2002

01.  Day + Night Feat Jadakiss [Radio Mix]
02.  Day + Night Feat Jadakiss [Instrumental]
03.  Day + Night Feat Jadakiss [Suggested Call Out]
04.  Day + Night Feat Jadakiss [Research Hook]

Jamie Foxx - Unpredictable [CDS] 2005

01.  Unpredictable Feat Ludacris [Main Version]
02.  Unpredictable Feat Ludacris [Instrumental]
03.  Unpredictable Feat Ludacris [Main Version]
04.  Unpredictable Feat Ludacris [Acappella]

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jay Z - Ain't No Playa [CDS] 1996

01.  Ain't No Playa Feat Foxy Brown [Clean Radio Edit]
02.  Ain't No Playa Feat Foxy Brown [Original Radio Edit]
03.  Ain't No Playa Feat Foxy Brown [Ganja Kru Mix]
04.  Ain't No Playa Feat Foxy Brown [Fresh To Def Mix]
05.  Ain't No Playa Feat Foxy Brown [New York Street Mix]
06.  Ain't No Playa Feat Foxy Brown [Original Mix]

Monica - Why I Love You So Much | Ain't Nobody [CDS] 1996

01.  Why I Love You So Much [Album Version]
02.  Why I Love You So Much [Soul Power Remix]
03.  Ain't Nobody Feat Naughty By Nature [Main Mix]
04.  Ain't Nobody [No Rap]
05.  Ain't Nobody [Quiet Storm Mix]

Jerzee Monet - Most High [CDS] 2002

01.  Most High Feat DMX [Radio]
02.  Most High Feat DMX [Instrumental]
03.  Most High Feat DMX [Acappella]
04.  Most High Feat DMX [Call Out Hook]

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